among other things, the SANN-project

> organizes regularly information and discussions on issues (political, social, economic, health, education, etc.) affecting the lives of the citizens.

> initiates projects, through communal labour, aimed at improving the socio-economic lives of the rural people.

> organizes "Project Week" in Kindergarten and the Basic school to improve the content of education in the village.

> counsels and campaigns against the spread of HIV/AIDS in Bosomtwi Atwima Kwanwoma District etc.>

>offers practical training to students in universities and schools from abroad.
Board of Counsellors, August 2007
SANN - Historical Development
1984 : the formation of the Programme Organizers Group (POG) responsible for the project and adults literacy

1986-90 : construction of a 3-room kinder-garten block (capacity 200 children) a centre as a structure for a kitchen

1986 : formation of a Woman-Cooperative (sewing, bread baking and a cream & soap-making group)

1994 : constructing of a playing-ground in Sawua-Aboaso with 9 youths from Aachen-Germany, together with the youths of Sawua-Aboaso laid a foundation for Sawua-Aboaso community centre

Since 1997 : HIV/AIDS seminars and infor-mation programme for teachers and school children

August 2003 : "Project Week" was successfully carried out by pupils of the JSS in Sawua-Aboaso and documented as a model for the JSS schools in the Bosomtwi Atwima Kwanwoma District

Since 2003 : construction of two rooms for youth centre

August 2006 : opening of a small Library and HIV/AIDS Counselling Office at SANN Community Centre

October 2006 : "greening" of Sawua-Aboaso began

March 2007 : a campaign to make Sawua-Aboaso a mosquito/malaria free-zone began

May 2007 : extension of electricity to youth centre with the help of German Embassy in Ghana

August 2007 : opening of SANN Youth Centre
1992 - SANN - women co-operative and POG - members
2003 - Project Week
2007 - "Malaria free zone"
2007 - Opening of Youth Centre