The "greening" of Sawua-Aboaso

The "greening" of Sawua-Aboaso is part of a national campaign during the Golden Jubilee Celebration(2007) to plant more trees in order to resuscitate and restore the nation´s environment to its green and lush state. Due to high rate of deforstation and unsuitable farming practices much of Ghana´s rich forest has been lost. On 28.10.06 (the scheduled lunching of Ghana Green-ing Initiative) SANN planted 50 trees which included mahogany, thiek, accasia, royal palm, oframo and kyenkyen. In May 2007 250 trees were planted along the roads, Kindergarten, Primary I, Primary II,JSS compounds and the community centre site.
"Mosquito/malaria free-zone"

On 6.3.2007 (Ghana´s 50th Independance Day) SANN declared the village of Sawua-Aboaso a "mosquito/ malaria free-zone".Regular Info-Day is organized to inform the people on how to prevent the bite of mosquitos and acquiring malaria: sleeping in mosquito net, weeding around houses and the village, cleaning gutters covering them with sand etc.
The programme is expanded to include possible cure of malaria diseases.

The campaign against the spread of HIV / AIDS in Sawua-Aboaso started in the middle of 1990. Since 1997 seminars and information programmes are organized for teachers, pupils and the village commu-nity as a whole. In July 2004 a group of 12 pupils from Sawua Junior Secondary School (JSS) visited the HIV/ AIDS Unit at the Okonfo Anokye Teaching Hospital at Kumasi during a "Project Week" for information.
The result of the contact laid the foundation for the current work on HIV/AIDS with the youths in Sawua- Aboaso. Each of the 12 pupils planted a tree in remem brance of people who have died or are living with HIV / AIDS. (The Co-ordinator of SANN worked for many years with "Hamburger AIDS-Hilfe" in Germany and attended many World Conferences on HIV / AIDS.) SANN has contact with Ghana Aids Commission.
Life-Long Learning

The SANN Village Development Project began in 1984 with Adult Literacy campaign. since then acquiring new knowledge have been the focal point for all projects in our village. Adult illiterates are not only taught how to read and write but also helped to acquire new know-ledge about their work and reflect on the disadvantages of being illiterates, so that they send their children to school.
The chiefs in the village, the Unit Committee and Assembly man / woman regularly meet the citizens on the street and discuss with us different topics affecting our lives (informal education).
The Youth Centre

The SANN Youth Centre was officially opened on 5.8. 2007. It has a big football field, a table tennis court and a basketball pitch.
The big room of the centre is used as a meeting place for all youth groups in the village. There are 3 compu-ters , 2 type writer machines and a sewing machine for courses.
It has a small library and games such Ludo, draught (Dame) and different puzzle games.
There are Youth group leaders responsible for "HIV / AIDS", "Greening of Sawua-Aboaso", "mosquito/mala-ria free-zone" and the centre itself.